Another success story has been achieved by AST on July 2015 that AST has successfully implemented EPICOR ERP Software in Jaya Teknik Indonesia which the industry focus is on EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).

Epicor is one of the best ERP Software in the world, originate from USA, and Epicor is designed in .net environment  with 100% web-based technology. www.epicor.com




Below are some of the Epicor clients :


The Profile : Jaya Teknik Indonesia

Indonesia has been facing interesting times, new challenges arise while the country reforms. But, for PT Jaya Teknik Indonesia, a new economy is nothing unfamiliar. Formed in the late 1960s, when Indonesia faced a series of uncertainty, Jaya Teknik Indonesia survived from the oil-crisis in 1976 and the economic-crisis of 1986. Today, we are beyond the financial crisis in 1990s which hit the world especially Asean countries. Along the way, we have grown more mature, seasoned together with the country.

There are 5 divisions under PT.Jaya Teknik Indonesia :

1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

2. Data Center and Network Power

3. Fire Safety and Control

4. Information Communication Technology

5. Mechanical and Electrical

Commitment to Service

Our Motto ” Quality and Reliability ” shows that we are committed not only to provide you with the world brand equipments and solutions, but we are committed to provide you a 7 / 24 ¬†after sales service, back-up by genuine spare parts and well trained and experienced engineers.