Trading & Manufacturing Solution

Trading & Manufacturing

AdvancedTrading+ Trading Distribution & Manufacturing System

AdvancedTrading+ is a fully integrated Trading Distribution Solution designed specifically for the Trading industry. AdvancedTrading+ supports Multi-Company, Multi Projects, Multi-Currency in Multi-Users Environment. It supports consolidation of multi company and multi projects in one consolidated financial management.

Trading Distribution & Manufacturing Information System

1. General Ledger

  • Chart Of Account
    • The GL system could support up to 22 alpha-numeric characters where the users could flexibly define the number of digit for use.
  • User Definable Financial Reporting
    • Report Configurator to allow the user to define the required financial report as simple as just drag and drop with predefined computed columns and row format can be defined by line accounts or summarized into groups.
  • Support Future Posting Transaction.
    • The system support the posting of any future transaction even though the transaction for the current period is not yet closed .
  • Support Previous Period Adjustment.
    • The system support the adjustment in the previous period by creating a journal adjustment to the transaction in that period within that financial year and re-calculate the opening balance until the current period.
  • On-line enquiries to view details transaction – General Ledger by Account,Voucher,Source Code Listing
    • The system provide an on-line enquiries of each of the account with the details transaction of the source documents that make up the total amount
  • Recurring Journal
    • The system support recurring transaction by creating the recurring and the reversal journal for that transaction. Any periodical transaction with equal transaction amount could be considered as recurring journal. ( eg. Newspaper fee, Assets Amortisation etc)
  • Prepayment Journal
    • Just as the recurring journal, the system also provide an automation for prepayment journal, where the user defined the prepayment account, and bank account initially. When transaction is posted then the system would automatically create the reversal/required journal e.g. Prepaid Expenses, etc
  • Before Audited and After Audited Financial Report
    • AST System support the 13th month financial closing to support the closing of financial statement before audit adjustment
  • Automatic month-end and year-end closing
    • AST system support month end and year end closing of financial and to calculate the opening balance for the next period automatically and calculate the retained earning at year end.
  • Support Multi Currency and Forex Revaluation
  • Flexible Financial Budgeting
    • AST system support the set up of financial budgeting and tracking the budget against the actual transaction amount by account basis per period and tabulate the actual Vs Budget amount with its variance in the financial reporting. The budget file can be done in Excel then import into the system or it can be entered directly into the system.
  • Cost Centre Reporting
    • The system also support cost centre financial reporting to help track the cost of each department and tracking it against budget per cost center per se.
  • External General Journal
    • The system also support the integration from all others sub-ledger module into its integrated GL module by creating automatic journal into the external journal. The accounting dept will then check the automatic journal for its validity before posting it to produce real-time financial report.
  • Unlimited Printing Period of the Financial Report
    • The sytem support the printing of financial report for any given period both history and future transaction with no limit to the the financial period. The only limitation is only with the storage space ( in this case hard disk capacity )

2. Account Payable

  • 3 Ways matching concept
    • The system provide a 3 ways matching concept (PO-DO-Invoice) to validate payment, Support Full/Partial Payment and Support Multi currency
  • Payment Scheduling
    • Payment to the creditors’ can be scheduled and any payment can be hold partially.
  • Late Receipt of document entries
    • Any late document receipt can still be entered into the system because of the unique “two-date” design of the system, to correctly reflect the Creditors’ aging report.


  • The system support comprehensive features in billing, collection and credit control.
  • Provide ALERT system for collection upon logging in to AST collection Module – To help Finance/Collection Dept. To track down and monitor the outstanding customer collection
  • Automatic routing to SMS Gateway of Email
  • Automatic Invoice Printing
  • Automatic Kwitansi or Official Receipt Printing
  • Support PDC ( Post Dated Cheque ) / Giro Mundur
    • Printing of temporary receipt (TR), after the Giro is cleared in bank account the system will do auto posting to create OR / Kwitansi pelunasan plus receipt voucher with the clearing date as a transaction date in GL therefore removing the need to do bank reconcile.
  • Down Payment / Deposit Receipt
  • Refund of Payment to Customers based on Company Policy when cancellation of sales occured
  • The capability of scheduling the generation of billings that will ensure the completeness of all sales transaction. Timely and accurate billings are assured and will protects your organization from the possibility of a loss of revenue from omitted and late billings.
  • Automatic tax invoice printing feature ( Faktur Pajak Standar – PPN ) and PPh
  • It also supports multi currency rate. ( Faktur Pajak Standard)
  • Users can define a flexible aging period to show in the aging report . This can be set at any time and the system will automatically recalculate the aging process for that report.
  • Any overpayment or less payment or adjustments to the original invoice could be handled by debit notes or credit notes transaction entries which serve as an adjustment to the wrong transaction thus there is no need to adjust the GL transaction.
  • PENALTY/INTEREST – the calculation of interest/penalty billing based on a user defined grace period ,credit terms and effective interest rates.
  • Billings for the late payment interest can be generated anytime using different interest rate that can be predefined for different transaction type
  • It also supports real multi currencies treatment and keeping track of the forex gain/loss for each of the transaction.
  • The system will automatically produce payment reminders letter for any outstanding invoices that have dued up to 4 Reminders based on user defined reminder period.
  • Reports : Aging analysis with predefined aging days configured in the specification form., Subsidiary Ledgers, Collection and transaction analyses are readily available.
  • Generate Commission of Marketing Agent
  • Automatic sales Recognition Process ( Progress Construction and/or Payment Receipt Method )
  • Print Kartu Piutang and aging detail and summary per Customer/Unit
  • Print Debtor Ledger,Listing of Giro Mundur
  • Print Projected Billing Report by Unit – Both Monthly and Yearly is available
  • Print Daily Receipt Report by Finance/Collection
  • And Many Others Comprehensive Feateures


  • Cash and Bank Receipt/Payment
    • Facilitate the receipt of payment from tenants or payment to supplier/contractor. The monies collected / paid is then allocated to due documents in its respective sub-ledger transaction.
  • Bank Reconsiliation
    • Bank reconcile is supported with Cash Book Module. Comparing cash book details transaction against bank statement account details for any unmatched transaction.
  • Produce Cash Flow Report ( Both Direct and In-Direct )
  • Automatic Integration to General Ledger Module
  • Support on-line approval with password
  • Printing of Payment and/or Receipt Voucher
  • Printing of Bank Recapitulation ( By Bank, By Account, by Period )
  • Printing of Bank-In and Bank-Out Listing
  • Printing of Daily Cash Book Transaction Listing
  • Printing of Advance Report by Account, By Bank, etc


  • Centralized Vendor Quotation System
    • Maintain centralized quotation database system to assist the users in determining a purchase decision.
  • Maintain Historical pricing
    • Maintaining historical pricing for analysis purposes and lead time for delivery. It also tracks vendors’ performance , support selection and black listing of vendors
  • Automate the generation of Purchase Order
    • The system provide a mechanism of generating PO automatically from purchase requisition (PR) sub-modules. The selection by item or by Purchase requisition option is available when assigning which item to buy from which supplier.
  • Generate PO without PR
    • The system also supports for preparing an urgent PO without going through the PR process. It also keep track of how many times a particular PO is printed. One PO can caters for multiple types of purchases e.g. warehouse, expense, work order, etc
  • PR/PO Cancellation
    • The PO / PR that have been generated could be cancelled of either by item or by PO/PR by any authorized personnel in the organization.
  • PO Approval
    • The system support the approval of PO by level of authorization and can be set a maximum credit limit for each authorized person which depend on the organization structure and the approval limit. These approval method can be set within the system.
  • Expedite PO
    • The system is able to print any expedite letter for any purchases by generating a user definable expediting letter.
  • Multiple PO in one Delivery Order (DO)
    • The system support multiple PO in one Delivery Order or Goods Received Notes (GRN)
    • Comprehensive reporting and on-line inquiries are crucial component of the system.
    • The system supports standards reports such as Late Orders, Partial/Over Order, Outstanding Deliveries, Late Deliveries, Price Variance, so on


  • Support Multi Warehousing
    • The system support multi warehousing, transfer stocks from one warehouse to another, stock received being sent to a few warehouses, etc.
    • The system support FIFO, LIFO, Standard Costing and Weighted Average
  • Stock Classification
    • Stock items can be classified into multiple combination using stock group, stock type and stock class. This will facilitate the efficient tracking of stock transaction such as stock issues , receipts , transfer and adjustments, and the system keeps track of stock movements and highlight stock exception also.
  • On Line information on stock status
    • With on-line information on inventory balance, on order quantity and reserved quantity, you will have complete control over your current stock status , stock cost and usage.
  • User definable aging period.
    • User definable aging period allows users to monitor and controls slow moving items.
  • Tracking system
    • The system support the tracking of stock items in multiple warehouse locations. It provides fast and accurate inventory information such as balance quantity, Max. and Minimum Quantity, Reorder Level and Reorder Quantity Report

7. Sales

  • General Sales Price (Price List) – Master of the general price.
  • Customer Specific Selling Price – Master special rates for certain customer.
  • Discount-rise (5 Level) – Setting the discount sale of up to 5 levels.
  • Promo Items (Buy 1 get 1) – Setting Sales Promotion (gift).
  • Tax Scheme (Include, Exclude, Free Tax) – Setting the Sales Tax.
  • Multiple Delivery Address – Master Delivery of goods.
  • Tally Sheet – Expenditure by Item Delivery Routes.
  • Sales target – Target Master salesman.
  • Grouping Customer (5 Level).
  • Sales Order – Order of the customer to input.
  • Travel Letter – to input a pass to the customer.
  • Invoice – Invoice for the input of Sales.
  • Entry Tax – For the management of the sales tax.
  • Sales Analysis Report
    • Customer.
    • Product Item.
    • Sales Employee.
  • Credit Limit
    • Group Customer – Customer Credit Limit by Group.
    • Customer-based Customer Credit Limit.

8. Production

  • Bill Of Materials – Master Listing of Materials.
  • Work Order – Work Order for the Production.
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) – The plan material requirements for material production.
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS) – Production Plan.
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