PT.CHITATEX PENI   is a subsiadiary of PT Roda Vivatex Tbk is an Indonesia-based company primarily engaged in office spaces rental business.The buildings CP leases include Menara Bank Danamon, Menara Standard Chartered and Menara PHE; all of the buildings are located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

PT. Chitatex Peni  has recently  chosen AST as its srategic IT Partner to implement AST AdvancedProperty+ , the best and most comprehensive ERP Software Solution for Property Management  Industry in Jakarta for all of its Office buildings .  The solution chosen by PT. Chitatex Peni is specific for Office Building – Property Management Solution.

AST is  chosen as a  winning vendor amongst many others to replace their existing system that have been implementing for many years  without success.

Below is PT. Chitatex Peni Project  List :


Menara Standard Chartered


Menara Bank Danamon – Mega Kuningan